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High School

The American “Bac”

and the credit system

The American “bac”

and the credit system


In the USA, graduation means obtaining a diploma

(the Baccalaureat)


The American “bac” and the credit system


In the USA, graduation means obtaining a diploma ( the Baccalaureat).

At Cox High School, students can prepare for :
– the standard diploma, provided they obtain 22 credits.
– the advanced diploma, provided they obtain 26 credits.

These 22 and 26 credits are called credit hours.

To graduate, students must also obtain 5 verified credits in certain subjects (1 in math, 1 in science, 1 in social studies, 2 in English (reading, writing)), and pass SOL exams. Check with your guidance counselor to find out which subjects you need to take to prepare for these tests.

To obtain the standard diploma, the student must obtain 22 value credits, as well as 5 verified credits. For the advanced diploma, students must earn 26 standard credits and 5 verified credits (SOL).
One verified credit is awarded when, in addition to successfully completing a 140 hours course, the student passes a SOL test for certain high school courses.


How do I get the 22 or 26 credits needed for graduation?

Credits are earned between 9th grade and 12th grade. Each American course taken with a satisfactory average will validate the credit corresponding to the course (generally 1 credit).
Some courses taken at EFAN are eligible for 1 credit under agreements between Virginia Beach public schools (VBPS) and EFAN: 3 math credits (Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry ) and 2 history credits (World History 1 ).
Previous schooling in France from 3ème onwards can be used to acquire credits. This is the principle of credit equivalence.


How are equivalent credits taken into account for graduation?

On the basis of French school reports, a centralized service at Virginia Beach public schools grants each student credits for subjects with sufficient results. On the basis of these credits, the counselor draws up a personalized timetable including the remaining subjects to be taken in order to obtain the required number of credits.
It is therefore important to provide all translated French reports upon arrival in Norfolk.

Important: students with sufficient credits in 11th grade (Première) can obtain their High School diploma. In this case, they will no longer be able to take FASN courses in in 12Th grade (Terminale).


Example showing the credits earned by a student in 10th grade (seconde) in France.

High School

The American “bac” and the credit system