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High School

Assessment and Report Cards

Assessment and Report Cards


For the American and French Curriculum


For the American curriculum


American students are graded with letters from A to D. EFAN students take the same assessments as American students. Grades do not “count” in some subjects until students have a sufficient level of English.

Assessments are either paper-based or computerized. Results can be viewed on the Parentvue website, and an American report card is issued for each period.



For the French curriculum


Assessments are those offered by the CNED. They are corrected by CNED teachers (i.e. from the French Ministry of Education). Some EFAN teachers may, at their own discretion, offer their own additional assessments.

Assessments are made in class for subjects taught at EFAN (the teacher sends the papers to CNED for correction). They can also be carried out at home for subjects not taught at EFAN (the family itself sends the papers to CNED for correction).

At the end of each term, a report card is sent to each student’s family, listing EFAN, CNED and American results, EFAN teachers’ assessments and the EFAN director’s opinion. At the end of the school year, a transcript of grades can be sent by CNED on request. These documents will be very useful when you return to France.

For the specific case of report cards for Parcoursup: see Parcoursup tab.


High School

Assessment and Report Cards