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Students and parents, please volunteer!


Why volunteer?
It’s a way to get to know the French-American School of Norfolk (EFAN) better, to actively support our students and the partnership with Norfolk public schools (NPS) and Virginia Beach public schools (VBPS).

For students:
Helping out (e.g. running a games stall, leading a workshop, cooking, etc…) with organization during an event like Chandeleur and the French competition in partnership with the Alliance française.

The advantages :
encourage children to volunteer their time and good humor for a few hours;
meet and talk with French families from outside EFAN, as well as American families from Norfolk and Virginia Beach;
a volunteer certificate is issued to each child volunteer.

For parents:
– accompany students on school outings;
– take part in working groups (website, return to France questionnaires, etc.);
– prepare end-of-year parties, picnics, coordinate “la galette”, prepare desserts for staff during teacher appreciation week;
– but also the possibility of becoming a member of the school council or a member of the board of directors;
– teach French to American 1st graders, – proctor mock exams or help coordinate bilingual revisions of the Standards Of Learning (SOL) exams.


Please find attached the volunteer form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11RW_oKge7ezYhXBq8KPI7JQIvqo0rB3kDp0SFKhg1b0/edit


Students and parents are more than happy to welcome new energy and talent.
EFAN welcomes new ideas and parent participation!