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School Board

School Board

The EFAN School Council is a consultative body

The EFAN School Council is a consultative body made up of elected parents’ representatives from the school community, teachers, a representative of the French Secular Mission and the school management. Other members of the community may also be invited, such as students, parents or partners…


The Council meets quarterly to discuss many aspects of school life. The Council is a forum for dialogue and exchange between the various participants on school life issues. It defines the school project and the actions to be taken, with the support of parent representatives and the teaching staff. Finally, it also participates in the preparation of community life events and other events with partners (Public schools, Alliance Française…).


The Board may decide on certain actions, but decisions concerning the school’s pedagogy and management are taken by the Administrative Council or the Pedagogical Council. Similarly, special cases are not discussed by the School Council. These are dealt with by the Pedagogical Council or directly with the teachers and parents concerned.


The EFAN Director prepares the agenda for School Council meetings, which includes a time reserved for questions and opinions from the parent and student community. Minutes are then circulated to the entire community.

School Board