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Middle School

Operating mode

Operating Mode

EFAN children attend classes from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


How FASN and the Middle School work ?


EFAN children attend classes from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. They first attend EFAN classes before joining their American classmates, who start at 9:20am and finish at 4pm. Approximately 3 hours a day are devoted to the French program, which means that, every day, an American slot is replaced by an EFAN class.

For the American curriculum, children are immersed with their American classmates. They have one teacher for each subject. As the students each have their own timetable, their classmates can change from one lesson to the next.

The teachers cover the subjects usually encountered in France (English, mathematics, science, social studies, health and physical education, arts, etc.). In this way, they prepare young people for high school by gradually developing the 5 Competencies (5Cs)
-critical thinking
-creative thinking

Classes are often paper-based, but can also be computerized.

Note: In the USA, from 7th grade onwards, students can choose whether or not to take LVB. However, as LVB is compulsory in France up to the bac, it is advisable for French students not to neglect their second language during their stay in the USA. If they arrive in the USA in 8th grade, a short oral evaluation may be required to determine the level they will be taking.

Worth knowing: On arrival, and until their level of English is deemed sufficient, students are supervised by a teacher specialized in teaching English to non-English-speaking children (English Second Language Programme, ESL). This teacher will help them integrate into the school and make them more comfortable with the English language.

For the French curriculum, children are taught in the EFAN class. The classes are small and often multi-level. Teachers use CNED courses to ensure pedagogical continuity in the acquisition of knowledge, methods and skills specific to the French education system.



This mode of operation has the advantage of :

– avoid a break with the French school system, and make it easier to return to French schools;
– almost total immersion in the American system;
– relieving the burden on parents and children, since part of the teaching is handled by EFAN;
– develop children’s adaptability, as they gradually learn to juggle two different systems in terms of educational and social codes and languages;
– build relationships with Americans and French.


The junior high school level is not approved by the French Ministry of Education. However, MLF and CNED are operators who guarantee the conformity of the teaching.

EFAN teachers using CNED courses can have 2 different profiles:

– teachers from the French Ministry of Education ;
– staff recruited locally according to their fields and levels of study.

Middle School

Operating Mode