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“A thousand thanks to EFAN and the teachers”

“For our first expatriation, we were really lucky to be able to send our two children to Norfolk EFAN.
It’s a very nice structure with very competent teachers and a very attentive director.
Our children will attend EFAN for the duration of our expatriation. EFAN’s 3-year support will make it easier for them to return to a public school when we get back to France.

Gaëlle and Simon ARDYNA 


“The school is great. The teachers are very kind and caring, and I can be with my French friends. The first few months when I didn’t speak English were really great.
Émeline 6th grade

“EFAN is too good. I’m so happy to be able to continue learning French in the USA.
Quentin 4th grade

“…I will never regret these years at EFAN.”

The French American School of Norfolk (EFAN) is a real opportunity for French students wishing to continue their French studies and pass their baccalauréat. For students in the world, one solution is to use the Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance (CNED) which provides all the necessary resources but requires a lot of autonomy and additional research. This is where EFAN comes into its own. The teachers provide support in four skills, explaining and helping with the understanding of the courses and the execution of the CNED exercises.

I obtained my baccalaureate with the highest honors thanks to a lot of hard work and to the teachers who made my work easier. Without their help in these four subjects I would not have succeeded, as the scientific courses required a lot of parallel research to be truly understood. I was able to avoid having to do this research by having teachers who could answer my questions and explain course concepts to me.

In addition, another advantage of EFAN is that it is also possible to study in an American high school, get culturally enriched and get the American diploma (with, on the day of graduation, gown and mortar, yes, like in the movies!)

I am now enrolled in an American university where I was able to obtain a scholarship thanks to my High School Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. All of this took a lot of time and hard work but…I will never regret those years at EFAN.

Robin, former student

“…The best compromise…”

The year we arrived in the U.S., our oldest daughter took her French first grade through correspondence courses to supplement American school.

Little did I know how difficult such a task would be. Keeping up with classes and exams at home over the long term poses quite a few constraints. In addition, you have to “manage” the fatigue caused by the dual curriculum (American and French). Finally, the combination of being a teacher and a parent sometimes blurred certain lines and generated significant tensions between parents and children.

The second year, we chose to join EFAN. Thanks to the school and its qualified teachers, our daughter has regained full confidence in her work and has made significant progress in her learning. This has allowed us to find calm and serenity in our home.

Today, in our third year of stay, our two oldest children are in CE2 and CP at EFAN. It is with a lot of confidence that we think about our return and their reintegration into the French school system.

For us, EFAN is the best compromise that allows us to continue learning in French while immersing our children in the American educational system.

Magalie, parent of a student