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 ESL Office Goals and Learning Objectives

 ” The English as a Second Language Office of Norfolk Public Schools strives to ensure students
exceed local, state, and national standards. Norfolk Public Schools takes pride in preparing
our English Language students to be global citizens in a culturally diverse world; able to live,
work and succeed throughout all facets of their futures.”

Gretchen Griffey
Crossroads School Lead ESL Teacher K-8
NPS Lead Teacher ESL Curriculum & Instruction

An English as a Second Language Program strives to achieve the following learning objectives:
▪ To identify and assess all students whose first or primary language is one other than
English as indicated on the Home Language Survey (HLS)
▪ To provide ESL instruction for ELs in all English language domains: Listening,
Speaking, Reading and Writing.
▪ To assess and monitor the academic progress of ELs with an on-going evaluation
▪ To create a learning environment that provides for the affective and cognitive needs
of ELs.
▪ To communicate instructional goals and expectations to parents and encourage them
to support their children’s progress.
▪ To monitor students who have exited the program to assure continued language and
academic success
▪ To provide ESL Program personnel with professional development in appropriate
instructional, assessment and culturally responsive teaching strategies needed to
support ELs.
▪ To hire and maintain staff to provide ELs with an equitable educational opportunity.
▪ To provide professional development for content area teachers to equip them with
the tools that they need to educate ELs in their classroom