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FASN Operation

FASN model is based on a system of substitution and addition of classes. Fully integrated into an American public school, students are exempted from a few US courses and placed with a French Ministry of Education certified French teacher to follow part of the French program. In addition, classes are added at the end of the American school day.

This way of working allows:

  • Primary School students to take advantage of direct teaching from French certified elementary school teachers;
  • Middle and the High School students to benefit from the tutoring of certified French teachers based on Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance (CNED) courses, an internationally recognized distance teaching organization.

An agreement between Norfolk Public Schools and The Mission Laïque Française allows transfers of French credits to students’ American records.

Students prepare both American and French exams. French exams yearly take place in Washington DC.

Registration process to exams are families’ responsibility with the support of the Director.

FASN team posts due assignments on the CNED website weekly and forwards grades to families.

FASN organizes two parent-teacher conferences yearly.

FASN provides three report cards in Primary and Middle School and three harmonized report cards in High School (American, CNED and FASN grades).