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Philosophie et Mission

In partnership with Virginia Beach and Norfolk Public School, the French-American School of Norfolk (EFAN) is part of the educational network set up by the Mission Laïque Française (MLF). By the start of the 2024 school year, EFAN will be an integral part of three American schools in Virginia Beach (John B. Dey elementary school, Great Neck middle school and Cox high school) and one in Norfolk (Crossroads school).


It is co-financed by the school fees of French or French-speaking families. The French Armed Forces Command (EMA), attentive to the well-being of families and personnel assigned to Norfolk, contributes to the operating costs of this unique educational structure.


Students are immersed in part of the American curriculum. In addition, and under the supervision of teachers, they benefit from the continuity of the French national education program, based on CNED materials.



Belonging to the MLF network ensures the conformity of the teaching provided. Students are guided to success in the French baccalaureate and brevet des collèges exams, and in registering for Parcoursup.


Montage vidéo réalisé par Ernest D. , élève de 6ème 2023-2024