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School fees

The tuition fee is $7660/year/child.

However, a contribution to the EFAN schooling paid by the Ministry of the Armed Forces to this structure makes it possible to reduce the tuition fees to 4500/year/child for officers and 2700/year/child for non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.

The first registration fee is $130 for the first child, $100for the second child and $80 for the third and subsequent children.

The tuition fees are on a sliding scale, 5% for the second child, 10% for the third child and 15% for the fourth and subsequent children.

The CNED fees, which vary according to the number of subjects chosen, are paid by the parents.

Registration for the national exams is at the parents’ expense (350 euros for the French baccalauréat,
350 euros for the baccalauréat and 150 euros for the DNB).

EFAN offers flexibility in payment methods:

  • payment of the registration fee at the time of registration or with the first month’s tuition
  • payment of tuition in one or more installments (maximum 10 months)
  • payment in dollars by check or by transfer to the school’s bank account


Financial regulations