School Supplies

A minimum of school supplies is required, the rest is taken care of by EFAN: :

  • A complete pencil case with black, blue, red and green pens in triplicate,
  • A box of pencils, a good quality rolling compass, a double decimeter,
  • Three sets of highlighters in four different colors (blue, pink, green and yellow),
  • Four rubber erasers.
  • An agenda (no notebook)
  • A Texas Instruments TI-College Plus calculator or Casio Fx 92 plus for Texas Instruments TI 84 Plus from the second year of high school onwards
  • For Cycle 2 students only, one photo per year of the child, photo of parents and grandparents.
  • Two large boxes of tissues (Primary and Middle School).

NB : the list of compulsory books from the CNED will only be sent to us during the summer. The order can be placed on Amazon but please respect the edition requested.


Supplies List  (English)