Philosophy and Mission

The French American School of Norfolk (FASN) offers an encounter with the best that two school cultures can offer: a linguistic, academic and cultural education deeply rooted in both the French and American Education Systems. Each has its own methodologies and points of view, but they complete and strengthen one another.  As they move several times a day from one environment to another, students learn how to juggle schedules, languages and the learning and social codes of two different schooling systems.

 The educators are intent on ensuring each student receives the individual attention required to develop high-level reflection and analysis skills while ensuring they also acquire the necessary level of autonomy. 

The FASN seeks to make available a rich and diverse cultural offering while ensuring it support the requirements of the French program and thus allow students to return quickly to their original school system, or continue their education in the United States once they have received their American diploma.

Montage vidéo réalisé par Ernest D. , élève de 6ème 2023-2024